Pylon Signs

Take Your Brand To New Heights With Sign On Pylon Signs

Outdoor signage is a relatively inexpensive and highly effective form of advertising for companies who are looking for a cost-effective marketing solution. Pylon signs, in particular, provide your business the exposure it needs. These free-standing signs are highly visible, and the best way to promote your business to your local customers 24x7.

Draw Customers' Attention to Your Business with Pylon Signs

No matter if you're an entrepreneur looking for an inexpensive advertising solution or a small or medium-sized business in need of high profile signage to market your products to a large number of customers, Sign On provides you high-quality, custom-designed pylon signs that suit your business' advertising needs.

We provide you the most striking form of outdoor signage to help your customers locate your business from a distance. Our team will work with you to design a distinctive and unique sign, to provide your business maximum visibility. In addition to this, these outdoor signs are illuminated with environment-friendly LED lights that offer great visibility at night and during bad weather conditions.

Installing our Pylon signs in Perth offer you the following benefits:

    • Bespoke design of your Pylon Sign to meet your needs and budget
    • High-quality, durable material that offers resistance against the environment
    • Option to illuminate pylon signs with environment-friendly LED lights.
    • Custom-designed pylon signs with your brand name and logo and other information, such as contact details and open hours.
    • Option to install an LED digital sign message board
    • Assistance with signage approval and council application
    • Full design services including the required engineers drawings and approvals for your pylon.

Create the Maximum Impact

Our team at Sign On can assist you with the placement of your pylon sign to draw the maximum exposure and impact from any possible angle. Not only is the position of your pylon sign crucial, so is the height, colour, width and angle of your sign. Our experts have years of experience in the placement and installation of pylon signs and are ready to work on your project today.

Sign On pylon signs are a perfect choice for businesses that regularly need to update their outdoor signage. From design consultation to installation, our experts can assist you with finding the perfect advertising solution for your recent sales promotion or advertising campaign.

Did you know that pylon signs are also called monolith signs.

To know more about our products or to order a custom-designed pylon sign, contact us today at 08 9444 0699.

Wesley College Digital display pylon sign.


Aldi Pylon pole signs.


Homebuyers Centre Large Pylon Sign with 3D push through acrylic letters and acp wrap around panels.