Wayfinding Signs Perth


Signing the way

If you're one of those people who were not blessed with a good sense of direction, then it's likely that you're sometimes late, lost or just plain frustrated with trying to navigate yourself around an unfamiliar place. Google Maps can guide you to a location, but are no help at all when you enter the building. It's at times like these people rely on Wayfinding signs.

Wayfinding… the act of traveling on foot, from one place to another.

Wayfinding signage is there to either announce a place or building, or direct someone to a specific location. Schools, hospitals and many corporate or government buildings use this form of signage to tell the world where they are, but that's only the start. Finding your way around a large building or complex of buildings can be daunting for the confused or directionally challenged. What is needed in situations like this is clear, easy to interpret directional signs that guide you to your destination.

What makes a good Wayfinding sign?

Visual clarity is crucial - all wayfinding and directional signage should be placed in clear view with key words and instructions in a font and size that can be read at a glance. For example, if there are restrictions on how long you can park your car the signage must be obvious and simple to understand. If the purpose is to help a visitor navigate a complex area, arrows and distance are easy to follow. It's important that Wayfinding signs are consistent and instantly recognisable to the person using them.

The science of signs

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