Digital Prints/Window Film

Digital printing can be achieved on various substrates including but not limited to:

Vinyl Graphics : These can be used to create bright, colorful, and creative designs. They are adhesive backed and can be applied directly to walls and glass. This material is durable, water-resistant, and can withstand moisture and other elements.

Frosted Film : It can also be referred to as frosted window film or etched glass film. Frosted film comes in many different styles and offers endless design possibilities. Frosted film can also offer partial or full privacy when applied to glazing with distinct patterns, gradients, and custom designs.

Canvas :

Canvas is one of several materials used for making artwork replicas and printed photo collages. Canvas provides roughness and is a material that when printed on can resemble a painting with its rough textured finish. In most cases, canvas prints are stretched and fixed over a wooden frame.

Fabric :

Printing on fabrics such as cotton and polyester allows for the personalization of textiles, flags, banners, and other related products. Printed telescopic flags are available in assorted sizes and are supplied with a carry bag, ground spike or weighted base.

Metal :

Digital prints applied to metal substrates can look modern and sleek modern. Common metal substrates to apply digital prints to are ACM, Aluminium or Stainless Steel. Digital prints applied to metal substrates are mostly used for wall art and outdoor fascia or awning signage.

Our Work

Modern printing technology, known as digital printing, involves the production of high-quality artwork derived from electronic files. If you need assistance with producing artwork for your next project, kindly contact us.