Indoor Signs

There are various types of metal signs that are commonly used for signage

Aluminum signs: These are lightweight and durable signs made from aluminum sheets. They are weather-resistant and commonly used for outdoor applications.

Stainless steel signs: These signs are made from stainless steel sheets. They are strong, corrosion-resistant, and have a modern and high-end appearance, making them a popular choice for signage in upscale locations.

Corrugated Metal signs: These signs are made from corrugated metal sheets, giving them a textured appearance. They are a popular choice for outdoor signage, particularly in industrial or rural settings.

The type of metal sign chosen will depend on the location of installation, intended use, and desired aesthetic.

Our Work

Most common metal sign fixing methods​:

Drilling: This is a common technique used to fix metal signs on walls. Holes are drilled in the metal and then anchored to the wall using screws or bolts.

Adhesive: Adhesives such as silicone, epoxy, or double-sided tape can be used to mount metal signs onto walls or other surfaces. This is a commonly used method for interior signage.

Welding: Welding is a permanent and sturdy method used to fix metal signs to poles, frames, or other supports. It is typically used for large, heavy signs.

Stand-off mounts: These are metal rods or caps placed between the sign and the surface it is mounted on. The cap is secured to the wall or structure, and the sign is attached to the cap itself. This gives the sign a unique three-dimensional appearance.