Reception signs


High-Quality Reception Signs To Portray Your Business Image To Your Clients

Your company reception sign is the first impression potential customers will have of your business. Just like if you were meeting a potential client for the first time, you wouldn't wear anything other than your smartest clothes.

Sign On offers high-quality 3D and LED illuminated reception signs to help you portray the image and culture of your company in the best possible way. We will work with you to incorporate the elements of your brand, including your brand name, logo, colour theme, and representative artwork to create a reception sign that speaks volume about the professionalism of your business.

Because First Impressions Matter

A reception sign not only serves the purpose of guiding your clients and visitors to the reception area, it also creates the first impression of your organisation.

We manufacture reception signs from a wide range of materials including acrylic and glass in a range of sizes. Acrylic signs are very popular as they are light, durable. easy to install, and produce a quality finish when installed.

Led Signs

Led signs are a strong solution to create impact. Sign On can custom design your LED signage for a high impact, low maintenance finish. An advantage of LED signs is that they have a positive environmental impact by running on a lower temperature, which results in less energy consumption and a longer life span.

3D Reception Signs

Showcasing an innovative 3D sign in Perth creates an impressive corporate image. These signs provide greater visibility and look more appealing than traditional office signage. A 3D sign adds depth and impact and when this impact is in line with your corporate branding, along with optional extras such as LED internal illumination or edge glow, Sign On can really help you look your best.

Our 3D reception signs are available in a variety of materials and shapes and sizes.

LED Reception Signs

Brighten up your office's reception area and lobby with Sign On's 3D Signs. As LED illumination is advancing all the time, we have a solution to suit your needs. Whether you are looking for the illumination of a light box, to slim 3D lettering or programmable LED signs, which can play images, text and even videos we can assist you. All these options will allow you to use a 3D sign to maximum effect.

To find out more about our 3D signs and LED illuminated reception signs, call us at 08 9444 0699.